Monday, 14 September 2009


This year I had luck to visit the Fantoche, International Animation Festival in Baden, Switzerland. My short film “Baba Yaga” was selected to the program what was really nice for me.
Although the place of the Festival is rather small but it gathers a diverse public and presents various programs. The organization is really nice and friendly. It is familiar and comfortable.
Fantoche has also presented “Up” from Pixar and also organized the Making off about designing characters in 3D. I have watched the film for the first time there and it was really great. Surprisingly it was screened in German language! What I found really strange for the international festival as well as for the country with four official state languages. In spite of the language it was nice to observe the great successful changes in the visual storytelling. I really enjoyed the smooth natural look of the film. It resembles painting a lot. Of course the great work of designers and animators are just perfect in the Disney/Pixar quality. I just can imagine what a treasury lays on the artist shelves at Disney and Pixar. They do really amazing creative job! These character designs, colors, backgrounds etc. Everything looks like an amazing work of research and a lot of doings and at the end they pick out the best results and put it in one beautiful peace. I would say it is a crazy coordinated work. And I think I can learn a lot from that amazing artist stuff.
As for the story I was quite interested about the new concept that the main character would be the old man. And it works! Of course Disney always does it in the funny and high entertainment way. (High quality animation too!) And also if you know all the gags you cannot ignore it. You should laugh or you are dead.
Looking forward to watch the next film from the biggest animation studio and at the time enjoy the making off stuff at the Disney/Pixar bloggers!!!

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